The meanings and names of our canoes, when grouped by nature ('Ala'i, Kâna'i, Ânuenue Mai Kai),
by quality
(Ho'olehua, Ka'imiloa, Kanaka No Ke Akua),
and by homage to an individual (Kalama O Kekai, Siapotagai, Leina'ala),
serve as a purposeful metaphor to our club's relationship with the ocean waves themselves.

We are mindful of our kuleana (responsibility) not only to the sport, but also to the Aina (land), to each other, and to our past.



'Ala'i:  "Gentle breeze" (70)
The 'Ala'i is one of our original canoes purchased by the club during Uncle Thomas Kalama's 1980s revitalization.  She is a Bradley wa'a.

Kâna'i:  "Calm sea" (76)
The Kâna'i is another one of our original wa'a purchased during the 1980s.  She is a Bradley Striker.

Ânuenue Mai Kai:  "Rainbow towards the sea" (787)
The Ânuenue Mai Kai is one of the newest and most advanced canoes to our fleet.  She is a carbon fiber Puakea Unlimited wa'a weighing in at a svelte 120 lbs.

Ho'olehua:  "To blossom" (71)
The Ho'olehua is another original canoe purchase during the 1980s.  She is also a Bradley wa'a.

Kanaka No Ke Akua:  "Men of God" (701)
The Kanaka O Ke Akua was purchased in 2015.  She is a hand built carbon fiber unlimited class wa'a.

Kalama O Kekai:  Namesake (77)
The Kalama O Kekai can best be described as fast and durable.  She was named after Uncle Thomas Kalama's grandson.  This wa'a has placed in many of our races.  She is also a Bradley wa'a.

Siapotagai:  Namesake (219)
The Siapotagai was graciously donated by the Feesago Family in 2015.  She is named after Justin & Noell Feesago's grandmother.  She is a Mirage Spec Class wa'a.

Leina'ala:  Namesake (35)
The Leina'ala is named after our Advisory Committee Member, Coach, and Expert Steersman, Auntie Leina'ala Kalama Dutro.  She is an OC-4 wa'a.

Aukuso Fuiaavailili:  Namesake (910)
The Aukuso Fuiavailili was graciously donated by the Feesago Family in 2017.  The canoe is named after Justin & Noell Feesago's Uncle in Samoa.  This ARE Va'a Matahina V6 is the first modern Tahitian racing canoe on the mainland United States and finished 1st overall in its maiden race, the US Outrigger Championship's Catalina Crossing.

Na ‘Anakala Koa Kai: (757)

Hoe Mana: (767)

Retired Canoes:

Ka'imiloa:  "One who seeks afar" (747)
The Ka'imiloa was donated to Newport Outrigger in 2016 by Dr. Peter Teng and his family.  The original Ka'imiloa was an explorer gunboat purchased from England by King Kalakaua in 1871.  She was the only ship of the Hawaiian Royal Navy and served a diplomatic mission to Samoa in 1887 to strengthen ties between the two Polynesian nations.  NOCC has an ancestor who served aboard that original Ka'imiloa as part of the honorary band.  Our Ka'imiloa is a carbon fiber Bradley Lightening unlimited class canoe.