Head Coaches: Peter Hejny, Nico Oudinot
Assistant Coach: Jimmy Arita

This program focuses on preparing paddlers to race long course races, also known as Iron races, which take place in May and June and are typically 10-14 miles and last from 1-2 hours. The crew paddles the entire race without resting or changing paddlers. The paddler must have a high level of fitness and be able to maintain a concerted, race-level effort for 1-2 hours. Paddler training reflects these goals with practices lasting 3-4 hours and broken up into 30 minute to 1 hour intervals. Long course training occurs regularly in the open ocean, in varying conditions so that paddlers are prepared for the wide-range of race conditions which they will face, including large swells, choppy seas, and wind.

Long course practices will focus not only on endurance, but also paddling technique, crew blending and race nutrition while building teamwork skills and camaraderie with your fellow paddlers. Paddlers intending to paddle long course should be experienced and have a high degree of comfort in the canoe and in the water. Often, practices will take place in adverse conditions and the paddler must be conditioned and prepared for any situation including hulis (when the canoe flips) and huli recovery. Due to the nature of practices, this program requires greater time and commitment of effort than the short course program.

Paddling in the Iron Season will help prepare paddlers for the 9-man season, also known as change races. The 9-man season begins in August with the Whitey Harrison race in Dana Point and culminates with the U.S. National Championships, a 30-34 mile race between Catalina Island and Newport Beach. For the 9-man races, paddlers perform water changes in which, after paddling for 15-45 minutes, they exit the canoe on the right side. At the same time, relief paddlers enter the canoe on the left side. All of this take place in the open ocean as the canoe is underway.

Practices = Team members must use TeamSnap to confirm attendance for that workout; failure to RSVP may result in not being able to participate in the workout due to limited seats.   

·       Monday at 5:30PM = All programs – Strength Training
·       Wednesday 5:30PM = Short Course – All programs may attend, workout is focused on the Short Course workout
·       Thursday at 5:30PM = Long Course – All programs may attend, workout is focused on the Long Course workout
·       Saturday at 7:30AM = All programs 

Adult Membership Dues:

·       $285.00 per person and a 20% discount for 2 or more family members (must be same household)
·       $150.00 College discount, must confirm class registration

Season Begins: March 9, 2019