President: Robert Johnson
Vice-President: Hazelle Weissinger
Secretary: Grace Allen
Treasurer: Allen Uyan

Joy Romero
Peter Hejny
Art Hasegawa
Senko Uy

Executive Advisory Committee:
Chaplain Jimmy Arita
Ivan Tavares
Bert Cervantes
Rudolph Cortez


Mission Statement:

Newport Outrigger Canoe Club (NOCC) is an all volunteer/ non-profit organization based in Newport Beach, California. We are the oldest outrigger canoe club in California and on the U.S. mainland. Our mission is to promote healthy activity and the Spirit of Aloha through the sport of Hawaiian outrigger canoeing emphasizing the concepts of Teamwork, Hui (Club/Group), and 'Ohana (Family). 

Vision Statement:

The word Aloha can have various meanings depending on the context, but in its most general sense it means love. We in NOCC interpret and express aloha as affection, compassion, and kindness -- not only towards our members but all those we deal with in our activities -- and seek to foster a like-environment in which all people are welcomed and respected.

Hard work and effort, both physical and mental, are required to achieve our mission and be a viable entity holding true to the spirit of aloha. Regardless we’ll never lose sight of the word fun. In addition to practicing the Aloha Spirit, having fun is key to our success and making our hui unique from other paddling clubs. We believe in paddling and working hard together, but more importantly, enjoying what we are doing and the enjoying the company of the people we are with.

NOCC is open to all community members interested in this traditional and rigorous sport regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, mental or physical disability, or other protected classification.

We seek to fulfill our mission through the following:

1. Offer programs for adult paddlers specializing in Long and Short course races/workouts and keiki (children) paddlers.

2. Continue and seek to expand club participation in outreach activities to the surrounding community through interaction with other organizations primarily through the medium of outrigger canoeing.

a. Participate in outreach to inner city youth with an emphasis on building self esteem, exercising teamwork, and developing respect for the ‘aina (land), the kai (ocean) and the hui.

b. Maintain an association with Hawaiian civic and cultural organizations from whom our paddlers have the opportunity to learn more about Hawaiian and Polynesian culture, language, and heritage. 

Our club motto, “Ho’okahi ka ‘ilau like ana” (Wield the paddles together) emphasizes our dedication to the concepts of Teamwork, Hui, and ‘Ohana.